Smokey Brown Cockroaches

smokey brown cockroach

The smoky brown cockroach is a native species common in the southern states from Texas eastward. It has also been found in isolated locations in the northern U.S., breeding in greenhouses or other warm, moist areas. It is normally found outdoors, but can become an established pest in and around homes and other structures. This cockroach has become a major pest in Houston and New Orleans, and is second only to the German cockroach in homes in southwest Georgia. The smoky brown has also been established in the sewer systems in southern California, and has been found in heated buildings as far north as Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

This roach species is closely related to the American cockroach, but can be distinguished by its smaller size and shiny, uniform dark-brown or mahogany color. It is about 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches in length, and the wings of both sexes cover the abdomen. The female has a stouter abdomen and lacks styli; young nymphs have whitish markings on the thorax, abdomen and on some antenna segments; and old nymphs are uniformly dark brown. The egg capsule is about 1/2-inch long and is dark brown in color. The smokey brown cockroach has a life cycle of about 17 months. Nymphs develop into adults after several instars over a period on 11 months, and adults live 2 to 6 months.

Removing food, trash and debris will help reduce harborage in nesting areas. Since this cockroach species is found outdoors, spraying foundation plantings, building perimeters and wood piles is recommended.

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