Do-It-Yourself Pest Control, Inc. dba PESTOP was founded in Baton Rouge in June 1993. It was the first retail store in Baton Rouge to offer Professional Strength Pest Control products to Residential and Business owners. In 1995, PESTOP expanded its operations to Metairie, Louisiana and later opened three dealership stores located in Covington, Harvey, and Lafayette, Louisiana

PESTOP is now the one of the largest retailers of professional strength pest control products in the south.


Tested – PESTOP carries a full line of professional strength pest control products frequently used by exterminating companies. These products are sold directly to residential and business owners resulting in “a cost savings of up to 70%” Average Savings, when compared to fees charged by services companies. Customers can now treat their own pest problems with the same products the professionals use for a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of someone coming to their home or business.

Upon entering any of our stores, each customer’s problem is evaluated, and the appropriate products and treatment methods reviewed, including an overview of the product label and application instructions. Since Restricted Use Products are NOT carried in the store, customers do not need any permits or licenses to purchase professional strength products.

PESTOP also carries a variety of pet supplies, including flea shampoos, and flea sprays. These products offer customers the convenience of one stop shopping for all their pet needs.

Franchise Opportunities

Pestop provides entrepreneurs a chance to join an exciting and rewarding industry – the Retail Pest Control Industry. Over the years, Pestop has developed a system providing Dealership Owners the tools needed to be successful. When you join the Pestop organization, you become part of a quality network of Dealership Colleagues, Skilled Support Staff and Programs intended to help keep you informed, educated and updated.

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