Mud Daubers

Mud daubers, a type of wasp, are a source of common complaints from homeowners. They are solitary wasps as opposed to paper wasps and yellow jackets, which are social wasps. The insect is usually a blue-black color with dark wings, and they can make a variety of nest shapes or designs depending on the species. Their mud nests are conspicuous to the homeowner when found around doors, windows, eaves and on barns or sheds. The nests are placed in areas protected from the weather.

This wasp makes several individual mud structures. These are grouped together, attached in some cases, but each contain one egg. The egg hatches and the larvae feeds on spiders which have been paralyzed by the wasp’s sting and placed inside the cell.

Control is quite easy…knock down the nest. Apply a liquid concentrate to the eaves where wasps may fly around looking for spiders. Not only will it kill the wasp if it comes into contact with the treated area, but it will also kill the spiders, further reducing the number of foraging wasps.

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