Fire Ants

Fire Ant

If you have a problem with these tenacious creatures, you probably know by now their hallmark: huge colonies that extend above ground and a vicious sting. If you are seeing fire ants indoors, they may be foraging from a colony outside or in the walls of your home. In any event, baiting is always a good idea for ants inside a structure. Baits come in a variety of applications, including pre-baited stations, gel applications and granules. Always consult the product label for more detailed information. The three rules of using bait stations are as follows:

  1. Wash your hands BEFORE touching the bait.
  2. Do not use insecticides or cleansers on or near the bait.
  3. Once the bait station is placed, DO NOT MOVE IT, except to replace it in exactly the same spot.

Outdoor fire ants are usually characterized by mounds extending above ground, but the majority of the colony is below ground. Some colonies are so large they can have several mounds that are interconnected underground. There are two ways to deal with this problem: You can broadcast a long-lasting residual insecticide. Granule applications will last longer than liquid applications. However, liquid applications are more economical when treating large areas and are also very effective in controlling mosquitoes. Another option is to treat individual mounds with a granule bait. Outdoor baits are slow-acting baits that foraging ants pass through the colony until all ants, including the queen, are fed.

Refer to the label for detailed applications and instructions. For more information on fire ant products and application instructions, visit your nearest Pestop location.

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