House Mouse

House Mouse

The house mouse is a significant problem to many pest eradication programs whether in industrial, commercial or residential situations. Because of their habits and biology, these animals are susceptible to baiting and trapping techniques. Poisons, live traps, snap traps and glue boards are all effective in eliminating mice. These animals are curious and not afraid to explore new objects in their domain.

The size of an adult male is six inches from head to tail and weighs 3/4 oz. The droppings are 1/4 inch long and are hard and black. The hindfoot track is 3/4 inch long. They can access an opening 1/4 inch or larger and can create a hole 3/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter. Mice have excellent climbing ability, especially under stress. The gestation period is 19 days with an average litter of six.

Baiting has become a critical issue since many of the problems with mice are residential situations. If baits are to be used to eliminate an infestation, proper placement and the use of tamper-resistant bait stations are essential. You must protect your baits when children, pets and other non-target animals are present or have the potential to be present. Pestop offers the Protecta Bait Station, which is a heavy-duty plastic station with key access.

In 2012, the EPA redefined how rodenticides were to be sold and used by consumers. To get the latest information and updates on available rodenticides, please visit your nearest Pestop location.

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