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Use what the pro's use and save up to 70% or more!

PESTOP "Your Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Solution" saves you money on all of your pest control needs and offers you professional strength products to get rid of pests for good.  Pest problems can become more than a minor nuisance and have the potential to cause major headaches.  With some infestations, serious health dangers and potential property damage can pose a real threat to you and your family.

In the Pest Index, you can learn some specific methods which you can employ yourself to get rid of pests, using exactly the same products the professionals use.  We will give you instructions on how to look for particular bugs and how to get the maximum benefit from each pest control application.  Always remember to refer to the product's label for more details.  So, let's rid your home or office of those unwanted visitors now by clicking on one of the links!

NOTE:  We have five locations to serve you.  We also ship to many locations throughout the United States.

Buyer Beware

Outdated Product Warning

Purchasing insecticides that are outdated could lead to financial loss and possible health hazards for you and your loved ones. The potential for receiving unstable and outdated product is a real possiblility when purchasing products from the internet. Purchasing insecticides from reputable dealers can insure the quality and intended shelf life of the product.